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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This page will be updated as new enquiries are made by the Customers and the Stallholders.

Q.   Who runs the Concord Farmers Market

Q.   What are the aims of the Concord Farmers Market?


Q.  Who runs the Concord Farmers Market

The Market is run by the Rotary club of Concord as a community service. Those members of the Club assisting in its operations are unpaid volunteers and the proceeds from stall fees will go towards:

  • Management, promotions, signs, equipment and public relations of the Market
  • Community projects, including joint projects with Rotary Clubs in the districts
  • Community projects determined by the Rotary club of Concord

Q.  What are the aims of the Concord Farmers Market?

Our aim is to provide high quality local and regional produce from authentic farm & food product related businesses where the stalls are manned by the producers.

No art or craft stalls or Paddy's Market type clothing or imported products are permitted.

The CFM will give priority to:

  • Stallholders who are farmers, growers, producers, bakers, cooks or gardeners who produce what they sell
  • Producers operating within reasonable driving distance of the market
  • Seasonal producers who only come to the Market when they have produce to sell
  • Stallholders who sell as an agent on behalf of other producers

There are established guidelines and market rules that apply to all participants in the Market. These are designed to ensure the smooth running of the markets, ensure stallholders meet legislative and health requirements. There is also a requirement to observe a code of conduct that is in keeping with the character of the Market.