Want to become a Stallholder?


Interested in becoming a stallholder at the Concord Farmers Market?

We’re always looking for more quality stallholders to improve our market.

The Concord Farmers Market takes both permanent (twice per month) and seasonal (less than twice per month) stall bookings.

Preference in allocation of stalls will be given to permanent stallholders. Where possible, permanent stallholders will be offered a regular site. New stallholders and casuals must expect to be moved around. 

You may register your interest by completing an application form. This can be done using using the online form at the bottom of this page. Please note that all documents for the application are to be submitted directly to the Concord Farmers Market.

Important Information

  • Public and Product Liability insurance is essential.
  • All equipment must be appropriately licensed.
  • All stallholders who are handling food are required to have a Safe Food Handling Certificate.
  • All prepared food must be appropriately labelled with ingredients and expiry dates.

You should also familiarise yourself with the rules and procedures outlined in the documents linked below.

Important Documents to Read

Fees are to be paid by bank transfer or cash.

Concord Rotary annual registration fee for stallholders:  $60 – paid directly to Concord Rotary Club

Canada Bay Council annual registration fee for all stallholders, if and when applicable: $55 – paid directly to Concord Rotary Club.   The club will then forward stallholder details and payments to the council. 

Market stall fee – 1 stall (3m x 3m):  $70

Market stall fee – 2 stall (3m x 3m):  $135

Market stall fee – 3 stall (3m x 3m):  $195

All stallholders MUST be covered by a valid minimum $10m Public Liability Insurance Policy and anyone selling food produce (particularly meat, fish or other manufactured produce in any form) MUST also carry current Product Liability insurance. There are no exceptions.  Please read our CANCELLATION POLICY.


How to apply
  • Submit application to the market for review by the CFM committee.
  • Submitting an application does not mean you will be accepted as a stallholder.
  • The market manager will advise successful applicants.

Submit an application

Required documents
All Stallholders
Stallholders that sell food
All persons that handle or sell food for human consumption in any stall must possess an appropriate safe food handling certificate. Food as defined for this purpose includes beverages, fruit, vegetables and pre-packaged foods. Refer to NSW Food Authority for the specific requirements; food handling certification can be completed online.

This form asks you to supply details of the kind of food you intend to sell, the address of the site where the food is prepared, the construction of the stall, and food handling/disposal techniques. This form must be sent to the Concord Farmers Market as part of your application – please do not send it to the City of Canada Bay. The market will submit the form to Council on your behalf, when required.

Download City of Canada Bay Temporary Food Event Food Vendor Notification Form

Stallholders that sell organic food

Food that is labelled Organic must be Certified as Organic by a recognised third party.

Online Application

Register your interest using this online form below. Relevant supporting documents (e.g. insurance; council form) can be scanned or photographed. Note that photos need to be high quality so that we can read them. The document copies or images must be uploaded as part of the online form.

If you have other questions about becoming a stallholder then please contact us via email concordfarmersmarket@gmail.com or phone 0424 434 865

    Please list all products to be sold at CFM in each category: