Everyone is welcome

Hi Market Lovers…

I’m Winnie the Pug and I have a problem. More on this a bit later. You may know my human Tara at Concord Farmers Market – the lady with the 100% vegan cupcakes

So what’s the problem? Well, I’m a little sad. Tara hasn’t taken me to the market for ages. She knows the market accepts fur kids on a leash. And she knows that there has been only one doggie accident in nine years – apart from an opportunistic labrador who gently extracted a bread roll out of a kid’s hand when he was looking the other way. Anyway, that was years ago.

So, I’d love to go to the market on Sunday and catch up. I’ve seen other owners enjoy their shopping, the coffee and the egg & bacon rolls and all the other great stalls.

It’s just such a fun day. In Cintra Park from 08:30am.